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We offer discount carpet prices with luxury quality.  If you want to save on your carpet but not on the quality than Online Flooring Store is the place for you

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Carolina Carpet 11 Rag Doll
Carolina Carpet 66 Desert Sand
Carolina Carpet 74 White Dove
Carolina Carpet 75 titanium
Carolina Carpet 79 Nickel
Carolina Carpet 80 Periwinkle
Carolina Carpet 81 Dolphin
Carolina Carpet 90 Chanterelle
Carolina Carpet 92 Cookie Dough

Carolina Carpet

£15.99 sq m
Dublin Heathers Anthracite 158
Dublin Heathers Beaver 965
Dublin Heathers Biscuit 918
Dublin Heathers Chestnut 992
Dublin Heathers Light Grey 154
Dublin Heathers Mahogany 773
Dublin Heathers Mink 314
Dublin Heathers Mouse 151
Dublin Heathers Pearl 305
Dublin Heathers Stone 116
Dublin Heathers Walnut 964

Dublin Heathers Carpet

£7.99 sq m
SweetHome Carpet Beach 994
SweetHome Carpet Coconut
SweetHome Carpet Graphite 165
SweetHome Carpet Mouse 151
Sweethome Harvest 332
Sweethome Light Grey 154
Sweethome Pecan 333
Sweethome Shadow 162

Sweethome Carpet

£9.99 sq m
Alaska Carpet 4314 Beige
Alaska Carpet 4315 Mink
Alaska Carpet 4316 Oak
Alaska Carpet 4319 Tobacco
Alaska Carpet 4324 Silver
Alaska Carpet 4329 Anthracite

Alaska Carpet

£5.99 sq m
Antracite B78
Ben Nevis Brown B90
Ben Nevis Camel B72
Ben Nevis Ivory B60
Ben Nevis Light Grey B79
Ben Nevis Medium Grey B73
Ben Nevis Silver B70
Grey B71

Ben Nevis Carpet

£16.99 sq m
Bruge 72 Cream
Bruge 75 Light Grey
Bruge 76 Silver
Bruge 79 Anthracite
Bruge 90 Beige
Bruge 91 Medium Brown
Bruge 93 Light Brown
Bruge 94 Dark Brown

Bruge Carpet

£16.99 sq m
Carlton Elite Carpet 152
Carlton Elite Carpet 158
Carlton Elite Carpet 166
Carlton Elite Carpet 303
Carlton Elite Carpet 307
Carlton Elite Carpet 320
Carlton Elite Carpet 965
Carlton Elite Carpet 989
Carlton Elite Carpet 993
Carlton Elite Moonlit

Carlton Elite Carpet

£22.99 sq m
Classic BW61
Classic T22
Classic Tartan BKW48
Classic Tartan BW60
Classic Tartan NFW02
Classic Tartan NG22
Classic Tartan T26
Classic Tartan T28
Classic Tartan T29
Classic Tartan T33

Classic Tartan Carpet

£20.99 sq m
Easy Living Carpet 154 Light Grey
Easy Living Carpet 155 Pigeon
Easy Living Carpet 158 Anthracite
Easy Living Carpet 161 charcoal
Easy Living Carpet 166 Iron
Easy Living Carpet 314 Mink
Easy Living Carpet 918 Biscuit
Easy Living Carpet 964 Walnut
Easy Living Granite

Easy Living Carpet

£7.99 sq m
Frost Grey/Titanium
Imperial Tartan Beige/Burgundy
Imperial Tartan Jet Black/Walnut

Imperial Tartan Carpet

£23.99 sq m
Induglence 10 Snow
Induglence 20 Silver Cloud
Induglence 60 Boutique Cream
Induglence 62 Soft Beige
Induglence 67 Mink
Induglence 68 Limestone
Induglence 77 Gunmetal Grey
Induglence 90 Earth Brown

Indulgence Carpet

£19.99 sq m
Grey 77
Liberty Anthracite 78
Liberty Beige 69
Liberty Green 40
Liberty Grey 73
Liberty Red 15
Liberty Rust 92
Liberty Sand 70
Liberty Silver 75

Liberty Carpet

£5.99 sq m